About us

We are a group of students from different faculties who listen to other students several times a week.
There are now student listening phones in many cities in Germany and Europe that work according to the Nightline concept. If you want to find out more about the Nightline initiative, you can go to https://nightline-stiftung.de and nightlines.eu .

Just like you, we are also students at a Göttingen university or college. That's why we understand your current situation. Whether it's because the exam period is stressing you out, you're struggling to make connections in a new city and in your semester, or you feel unfairly treated by lecturers. But it's also the same when you're heartbroken or fighting with your parents, when you're annoyed with a friend, when you're having trouble with the building management, or when you just want to tell us how your day went. It doesn't matter whether you've just become a freshman or you're already writing your doctorate: You can call us if you have the feeling that you just want to talk to someone.

We are not professional chaplains. Nevertheless, we are specially trained and continuously educate ourselves. Our principle is to listen to you carefully and not to give you hasty advice. We want to talk to you together in order to support you emotionally and to help you find your own solutions. Just talking about a stressful situation is often good for you and can help you. And in case of doubt, we can also give you contacts for further help.

As guidelines for our work, we have established basic principles that we would like to introduce to you here:


So that you can call us without inhibition, our offer is anonymous. This means that both your identity and ours will not be revealed. Your telephone number is also not visible to us. You can only tell us your name if you want to.


We have committed ourselves to confidentiality. This means that the content of the conversation will not be carried beyond the boundaries of Nightline.

No prejudice

We would like to meet you without prejudice as an unbiased discussion partner. This is the prerequisite for a good conversation and is supported by anonymity.


We are independent. Our work is not influenced by other university groups, parties or religious communities.

Low threshold

You can call us with any request. No problem is too small for us. We also take seriously the concerns that you fear are not big enough for other support services. Or the issues that are on your mind right now, but you might not want to tell your personal environment at first.